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We are ACEN Renewable Energy Solutions (ACEN RES), the retail arm of ACEN CORPORATION, an Ayala company aspiring to be the largest listed renewable energy platform in Southeast Asia. A core value driver of the Ayala Group, ACEN's 2022 attributable capacity stands at over ~4,000MW in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Australia.

ACEN CORPORATION’s vision and strategy targets 20 GW of attributable renewables capacity by 2030. This is a 6x growth from 3.4 GW of renewables capacity today. The Philippines will remain the core market where we will enable businesses to transition from fossil fuels to renewables. We will also continue to grow our presence in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India.

Helping businesses transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy is the greater purpose of ACEN RES. This is a long-term enterprise, for which we are partnering with businesses whose ideals prioritize the greater good of the planet, people, and a sustainable future.

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ACEN Renewable Energy Solutions (ACEN RES) offers energy harnessed from renewable resources for a sustainable future.

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  • Join the Renewables Revolution

    Our mission is to help businesses transition to renewable energy (RE)—both for the planet and generations to come. Research* shows that 77% of Filipinos believe that RE is the future, and that 60% expect companies to transform their supply chain for social good. By switching to RE, businesses can further align their interests with that of their customers and the communities they serve.

    *Synergy-YouGov Survey April 2022; N = 3,544.

  • Be with the “A” Team

    ACEN is the energy platform of the Ayala Group, known for being visionary, reliable, trustworthy, and dedicated to nation-building. Guided by our ABCD values—Aspire, Believe, Collaborate, and Deliver—you can expect nothing but reliable supply and service from ACEN.

  • Help Enable New RE Capacity

    By aggressively putting up solar and wind farms since 2011, ACEN has contributed to new energy supply in the country, becoming the leader in NEW renewable capacity (in MW). We plan to extend our lead even further in 2023.

    In doing so, we aid the country in its journey to replace fossil fuels with RE, contribute to the supply of new energy, and move closer towards our vision of achieving 20GW of attributable renewables capacity by 2030.

    By partnering with us, you become an enabler of new capacity as well.

  • Switch Easily

    Our account managers will walk you through our agreement, which we’ve made as transparent and easy to understand as possible. From there, our service managers will assist you with the switching process. We also hold periodic “Recharge” sessions which give you the latest updates in the energy space and how they might impact your business.

    And there’s more to look forward to.

  • Enjoy Benefits from Synergies

    ACEN RES business customers have the opportunity to be part of Ayala Enterprise Circle (AEC) where over 250,000 of Ayala’s partner SMEs connect and gain exclusive access to insights, capabilities and experiences of companies across the group. Exclusive perks and benefits offered by a range of Ayala Group of companies and partners await AEC members.

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